About BRM

BRM Model Cars history and philosophy

It all began in the mid-nineties, when the BRM founder, Mr Pascal Baratella, a passionate model maker, decided to repaint and customize some “slotcar” models of that period that had been produced to be more functional and beautiful.

The satisfaction of seeing their. creations compete against each other created the conditions for the birth of the “BRM” in 2003. Initially with the opportunity to enter the static worldwide modeling market producing tires and accessories and later, in 2006, with the production of the first 1/24 scale BRM slot car model.

Since then, the product improvements and research has followed our growth step by step.

The “Simplicity” in the models and the “Satisfaction” of our customers was and is still the basis of our production philosophy.

The “Passion” and our “Knowledge” pushed us to be “Manufactures of our own Product”, believing that only in this way we could show ourselves to the fans as “Really” we want to be. Step by step, we began to produce, firstly the accessories that complete and customize our models, then the components that are part of the mechanics and then the body and chassis, now completely in aluminum.

A continuous evolution to support our believe in quality.

A highly specialized internal division takes care of the “Final Layout”, creating detailed “Artworks” of the models that guarantee an original and faithful reproduction, without ever losing sight of “Simplicity and Functionality”.

We build our cars to be raced, support the Hobby and industry and learn from the use in Competition of our BRM line of products.

Today, with a technical office of. “Design and Projecting”, we create our models from zero, considering already in the phases of “Initial Analysis” the best technical solutions of production and assembly, producing solid, dynamic and high-level aesthetic models, that have nothing to envy to precious collectibles.

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